Jill Berelowitz



Tumbleweed | Sculpture

SculptureJill Berelowitz

‘Tumbleweed’ is a branching bronze orb by Jill Berelowitz in which ten seed bearing figures are nestled. Bursting forth from within each human heart are the sacred seeds of divinity which carry the promise of new life.

This organic diaspore reminds us that by surrendering to the winds of change, we gather momentum dispersing our inner vision of sustainability and heart based community across the planet. Tumbleweed also illustrates that at our core, we are eternal beings capable of compassion and immense creative resolve and that home is anywhere the heart can flourish.

As we tumble away from our past, spirited by graceful winds, a new global vision of hope and togetherness approaches from our future. And through this transformative journey, we arrive in a newly discovered garden of paradise and realise we are the seeds, we are the plants and we are the gardeners in our new earth-family."