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Thank You to All Involved in My Solo Exhibition 'Osmosis'

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As my solo exhibition ‘Osmosis’ comes to an end this month, I'd like to say that it has been an absolute honour to exhibit at the prestigious 45 Park Lane and to be the artist in residence for the past year. Having been discovered by the wonderful John Scanlon two years ago when my ‘Moving Forward’ sculpture was unveiled in Park Lane; and who then introduced me to the incredible Lily Ackerman who has worked timelessly with me on my Osmosis Exhibition. Thank you! 

A special thanks goes to John and all the wonderful team at Morris Singer Foundry. 

Photo credit: Cristina Schek

Bronze Christmas Tree | Press Release

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Jill's Christmas Tree, photo credit Cristina Schek (2).jpg

In a unique new commission as part of the ‘Osmosis’ Sculpture exhibition, 45 Park Lane has asked Jill Berelowitz to create a magnificent Christmas Tree for the hotel foyer.

The tree will be unveiled at an exclusive event on 6th December 2018.

The trunk, branches and twigs are individually cast and welded together to reproduce the shape of a traditional Christmas fir tree.

Standing at 3.6m high, the tree is constructed from over 1,500 branches and twigs and in excess of 500 bronze pines cast in three bronze alloys, white, copper and gold bronze; each hanging from sumptuous ribbons to complement the hotel's interior.

The tree is adorned with strands of tiny fairy lights, and topped with a golden-bronze star, held aloft by a celebratory male and female figures. 

Jill's tree celebrates the coming together of family, the light and hope of a bejewelled Christmas, and the regeneration it promises for the New Year.

This unique piece is the only Christmas Tree to have ever been constructed entirely from bronze, and adds a magical spectacle to enjoy during the Festive season.

Jill created the Christmas Tree at the Morris Singer Foundry in Hampshire.

'Osmosis' continues at 45 Park Lane until end of January 2019. Courtesy of Ackerman Studios in association with Dorcester Collection.

Photo/moving images credits: Cristina Schek

'Osmosis' | Solo Exhibition at 45 Park Lane | 8 November 2018 - end of January 2019

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Delighted to announce that I will be exhibiting a newly created body of works titled ‘Osmosis’ highlighting themes of positivity and regeneration. My Solo Exhibition will be running 8 November 2018 – end of January 2019 at 45 Park Lane, courtesy of Ackerman Studios in association with Dorchester Collection.

The new sculptures will be released on Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned!

Across place and time, this joyful exhibition celebrates womanhood and nature with lyricism, elegance and light. A collection of ideas, memories and experience, synthesised into a body of work exploring femininity, light and the natural world.

Join Jill Berelowitz in a journey to a world of beauty, life and light.

Jill Berelowitz Osmosis, Solo Exhibition.jpg

In her newest work, in which patinated bronze panels are adorned with three dimensional tree branches, artist Jill Berelowitz captures a mystical, abstracted landscape that evokes the experience of light through the trees familiar to anyone who has explored the English woodland at dusk. Originally from South Africa, these new works symbolise a cultural osmosis for the artist, absorbing the sensation of the English landscape into a practice that frequently draws on themes inspired the vastness of the African continent.

This exhibition demonstrates the artist's personal movement across geographies; tumbleweed that cycles across the landscape, bodies fused into a globe the shape of a rock eroded into a smoothly beautiful form by the elements and time. This examination of the transience of life is at once personal to the artist, and speaks to universal human experience.

Trained as a sculptor, Jill makes ambitious, large scale works that articulate her personal experiences, infused with positive and often spiritual feel. Many of the works are deeply personal, incorporating symbols of a talismanic importance to the artist; an elephant, the tree of life, circles and spherical forms, a feather, a dachshund. Many others evoke the human figure formed with qualities of elegance and lyrical movement, often elongated and abstracted in the manner of the traditional tribal sculpture of her homeland. The female figure is of particular importance to the artist, a recurring motif that is celebrated in this exhibition during the Year of the Woman.

The human figure is a recurring motif in Jill's work, emblematic of the interest in beauty that preoccupies the artist. Her figurative forms are at once specific and universal - at times they signify human movement and transition, at others they become figures from classical myth, becoming the personification of natural forms, from tiny seed pods, to the mother of dawn in 'Aurora'. A second recurring image in Jill's work is that of the tree as a form that embodies life, the rhythms of nature and the markings of time.

Although much of her work is cast in bronze, Jill often uses other materials including carbon fibre and crystal resin to explore her ideas. The resin in particular allows the artist to explore her use of light, the colourful, transparent material allowing natural light to flood through and refract. This sublime phenomenon symbolises the luminosity that is embodied by all of Jill's work. Light and life pulsate throughout, offering hope and positive energy.

Later update: London Live art critic James Nicholls from Maddox Gallery reviews my solo exhibition ‘Osmosis’, on view at 45 Park Lane till end of January 2019.