Jill Berelowitz


'Tumbleweed' in Alexandra Noble's 'Health and Wellbeing Garden' at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

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Designer Alexandra Noble intends to inspire deep thinking and a sense of being in the moment with her Health and Wellbeing Garden. Fabulous florals and gorgeous garden aiming to encourage getting lost in the activity of walking or simply sitting and enjoying the beauty of the space around you via a continuous path with no start or end point. The  visitor moves through the space, which is defined by motion rather than walls, without a destination. The aim of the garden is to slow one’s pace and mind and encourage a sense of being in the moment.


The sculpture in the garden is a piece called ‘Tumbleweed’ by Jill Berelowitz, a North London sculptor of South African descent.

‘Tumbleweed’ is a branching bronze orb in which ten seed bearing figures are nestled and illustrates that ‘at our core, we are eternal beings capable of compassion and immense creative resolve and that home is anywhere the heart can flourish.’

Along the path one can appreciate the filigree forms of umbellifers and gossamer fennel leaves. Awareness of subtleties such as plant movement in a breeze and petals backlit by the sun are heightened.

The layout of the garden is denominated by the path’s route, which loops and circles to contain a circular water trough and round of thyme. Hazy structure is provided by plants such as ammi and valerian while creeping thyme and camomile feature as delicately scented low-growing elements.

Further reading: http://alexandranoble.com/rhs-hampton-2018/

Take home tips:

  • Include a place to sit and surround the area with soft planting that envelopes and comforts you
  • Create a circular or meandering path - encouraging you to walk and forget your thoughts

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, supported by Viking Cruises, is world's largest annual flower show, stretching over 34 acres. Flanking both sides of the Long Water at Hampton Court Palace, you can enjoy Show Gardens, the Rose Marquee, Floral Marquee, plant pavilions and a variety of talks, demonstrations and exhibits. The show opens to the public 2-8 July 2018.