Jill Berelowitz


Bronze Christmas Tree

Jill's Christmas Tree, photo credit Cristina Schek (2).jpg

In a unique new commission as part of the ‘Osmosis’ Sculpture exhibition, 45 Park Lane has asked Jill Berelowitz to create a magnificent Christmas Tree for the hotel foyer.

The tree will be unveiled at an exclusive event on 6th December 2018.

The trunk, branches and twigs are individually cast and welded together to reproduce the shape of a traditional Christmas fir tree.

Standing at 3.6m high, the tree is constructed from over 1,500 branches and twigs and in excess of 500 bronze pines cast in three bronze alloys, white, copper and gold bronze; each hanging from sumptuous ribbons to complement the hotel's interior.

The tree is adorned with strands of tiny fairy lights, and topped with a golden-bronze star, held aloft by a celebratory male and female figures. 

Jill's tree celebrates the coming together of family, the light and hope of a bejewelled Christmas, and the regeneration it promises for the New Year.

This unique piece is the only Christmas Tree to have ever been constructed entirely from bronze, and adds a magical spectacle to enjoy during the Festive season.

Jill created the Christmas Tree at the Morris Singer Foundry in Hampshire.

'Osmosis' continues at 45 Park Lane until end of January 2019. Courtesy of Ackerman Studios in association with Dorcester Collection. Find out more

Later update: London Live art critic James Nicholls from Maddox Gallery reviews my solo exhibition ‘Osmosis’, on view at 45 Park Lane till end of January 2019. 

Jill's Christmas Tree, photo credit Cristina Schek (18).jpg
Jill's Christmas Tree, photo credit Cristina Schek (57).jpg
Jill's Christmas Tree, photo credit Cristina Schek (34).jpg

Photography & video credits: Cristina Schek